Kleingartenverein Bornholm II e.V. 

The Kids' Kiezgarten

A garden for children from the neighborhood

The "kids' Kiezgarten" is a cooperation between the Bornholm II allotment garden and the Schreberjugend Berlin.  The Schreberjugend is a non-profit association that offers children and young people a wide range of activities, including holiday trips, intercultural encounters and events in various institutions. Lot 87 in Bornholm II has also been part of it since 2016.  After the lot had been lying fallow for many years, it was finally filled with new life and children's laughter. The goal was to make the garden available to daycare centers and schools for gardening and play.

In a garden you can observe the growth of many living things, but in a garden children are the icing on the cake.

Nearly every day, cheerful groups of children now roam the gardens. The work on site is mainly organized by volunteers of the Schreberjugend. The old shed has been converted into an open kitchen, which will soon have a clay oven for baking bread together. This way, the children can learn to bake bread, that is made from the grain they have sown and harvested themselves. In the garden the children can move around freely and experience themselves in the midst of nature, where their natural senses are awakened and promoted.  The kids' Kiezgarten is a wonderful opportunity for children growing up in the densely built-up late 19th century districts of Berlin, to be close to nature in the middle of the city.

In addition to their activities for children and youth, the Schreberjugend Berlin regularly offers gardening workshops for volunteers and anyone interested in the subject. Not to forget to mention they also operate other youth facilities and a family center in the city.

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